Exports to Brazil – Compulsory Certification by Foreign Trade Clearance Authorities

Exports to Brazil – Compulsory Certification by Foreign Trade Clearance Authorities

Previous product certification along the Brazilian clearance authorities is a matter of local consumers’ safety and health protection, where environmental protection also plays an important role in reducing the burden of non-friendly merchandise, materials and inputs.

Therefore, we highly recommend to the exporters of the 110 (one hundred and ten) goods mentioned herein below (which list has been uptated till May 2013 by INMETRO –  National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality and is disclosed in its homepage www.inmetro.gov.br ) to get their compulsory certification before the Brazilian importer does request the related non-automatic import licensing with its application filed  with SECEX – Foreign Trade Secretariat by on line access   to  SISCOMEX – Foreign Trade Integrated System (computerized system responsible to integrate registry, follow up, and control activities of foreign trade operations through a single and automated flow of information):

110 goods demanding Compulsory Certification by the Brazilian clearance authorities: plug adapters and sockets; NOx automotive liquid reducing agent  ARLA 32;  single-use sterile hypodermic needles;  single-use sterile gingival needles; equipment for water quality improvement to human consumption; water gas heaters – instantaneous and accumulation types; bike rims for adult use; school’ supplies; parties’ supplies; sportive events seats for cheerers; steel bar and wire destined to armed concrete structures; drinking fountains; baby cradles;  power cable with PVC solid extruded insulation  for  0,6/1,0 kV  rated voltages; steel cables for general use; general purpose steel cables; PVC insulated flexible cables and strings for specific applications and connecting strings of home appliances in rated voltages until 500V; flexible steel cables and strings in rated voltage until  750V, with insulation or  with PVC solid extruded coverage; flexible  cables insulated by EPR rubber for specific applications in strings or connectors of  home appliances  for rated voltages until 500V; monobloc plastic chair;  tires’ inner tubes for adult-sized bicycle; safety helmet for industry use; helmet for motorcycle driver and passenger and the alike; infant strollers;  standard bodies for city buses; pacifiers; seamless steel cylinders destined to vehicle methane gas storage; high pressure cylinders for the on-board storage of natural gas as a fuel for automotive vehicles; mattresses and portable crib mattresses of flexible polyurethane foam; automotive parts;  parts for adult-sized bicycle; parts for compressed natural gas vehicle system and for compressed natural gas, parts for the system of natural gas vehicle, parts for discharging systems and for the fuel supply; parts for individual protection equipment (IPE); parts for protection against falls due to level differences – safety belt and fall arrest – safety lanyards;   PVC insulated thread to 450V – 750V normal voltages, without coverage, for fixed installations; malleable cast iron fittings for fluids’ conveyance; steering box (handlebar grip and stem combo) for adult-sized bicycle; brake lever combo for adult-sized bicycle; cross bar and fork combo for adult-sized bicycle; vessel construction suited to collective passengers transport; intermediate break bulk containers (IBC) to be used for hazardous products transport; disposable plastic cups; rig for adult-sized bicycle; flexible strings with CSP extruded insulation for range voltage till 300V; circuit breakers; container fixing device; children retention device; great packages used in the hazardous products transport; reconditioned packages used in the hazardous products road transport; remanufactured packages used in the hazardous products road transport; solar water heating equipment; solar water heating equipment;  individual protection equipment (IPE) – rubber insulating gloves; individual protection equipment (IPE) – filtering half mask to protect against particles; vehicle axis; package for the safe phosphorus road transport; package destined to alcohol storage; packages used in the road hazardous products transport; electrical equipment to explosive atmospheres, in the condition of flammable gases and vapors and combustible dust; electrical equipment under the regime of sanitary surveillance; single use transfusion equipment, for gravitational infusion, and of infusion for the use with infusion pump; single phase voltage stabilizer with alternating voltage exit, with nominal voltage until 250V in power up to 3kVA/3KW; fire extinguishers;  manufacturing of accessible vehicles  with city characteristics for the collective passenger transport; manufacturing of accessible vehicles with road characteristics for the collective passenger transport;  electrical flexible wire, cables and strings; stoves and ovens household appliances; commercial electric ovens;  microwave ovens; safety matches; fuse housing comprising stopper and cartridge types; breast implants; pressure indicators for fire extinguishers; circuit breakers for fixed, home and similar electrical installations; motor vehicle hydraulic brake fluids; surgical and non surgical gloves made from natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and of mixtures of synthetic rubber; baby bottle-feeding and nipple bottle; plastic coated PVC hoses for home GLP installations; scholar furniture – chairs and desks combo for single student; nipples for adult-sized bicycle; pressure cookers; metallic cookers;  pedal and crank arm for adult-sized bicycle;  king pin (coupling adapter mechanical piece) for road vehicles destined to the transport of cargo and hazardous products;  lifting platform for vehicles; plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes; tires for adult-sized bicycle;  new tires;  male condoms; fifth wheel fitting (coupling device in the form of a  plate) used in road vehicles destined to the cargo and hazardous products transport; freewheel for adult-sized bicycle; electronic reactors fed by alternating current for fluorescent lamps in the format of: tube, slim, circular and compact; reactors for tubes fluorescent lamps; transportable receptacles for liquefied petroleum gas – GLP; electronic recorder of work assiduity; low pressure regulator for liquefied petroleum gases (GLP) with a flow capacity up to 4 kg/h; automotive wheels; safety features for home appliances and alike; safety features for infant-sized bicycle; safety features for toys; sterile hypodermic syringes for single use; device adapter servicing for containers fixing; underground fuel storage tank at distribution station;   portable tanks used in the road transport of hazardous products; aerial tanks for the storage of petroleum derivatives and other fuels; carbon steel pipes for ordinary use along the fluid conveyance; underground non metallic pipelines for automotive fuel; container port vehicle; desk, wall, upright  fans and air circulators or appliances marketed for that purpose; safety laminated glass for vehicle  windscreen; and tempered safety glass for road motor vehicles.

The names of the Brazilian clearance authorities involved with each and every good listed herein above, and the related regulation and procedure to get the compulsory certification, can be disclosed by Fischer Law Firm case by  case and we will be happy to support you in that respect.

If you would like to know more about that matter please contact Fischer Law Firm and we will be honored to perform joint efforts pursuing to render the customized support you are looking for.